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The Desdemona family is one of the most successful and prolific families at Bassingthorpe.

It was the first Holstein family to be introduced to the herd and originated from Lowcrest.

Bassingthorpe Slocum desdemona

Bassingthorpe Slo Desdemona 74 EX94-5E LP90 7*
4th gen VG or EX
Slocum x EX94-6E Raider
She bred EX93-2E Integrity, EX92-3E red September Storm,  VG daughters by Shottle and Rudolph
Produced over 90 tonnes milk with 5 lacts over 12,000 kg

Bassingthorpe Sept Desdemona Red 140

Bassingthorpe B Sept Desdemona RE 140 EX92-3E LP70
5th gen VG or EX
September Storm x EX94-5E Slocum x EX94-6E Raider
Red daughter by Jotan

bassingthorpe raider desdemona

Bassingthorpe Raider Desdemona EX94-6E LP80 9*
3rd gen VG or EX
Raider x VG Hayleys Elusive
Dam of Slo Desdemona, 6* brood cow with EX daughters by Charles, Mtoto and Slocum, VG daughters by Lyster and Leduc, LP80 with four lacts over 10,000 kg


bassingthorpe leduc desdemona

Bassingthorpe Leduc Desdemona VG87-2yrs
Sold to Ridgefield
5th gen VG or EX
Bred a VG88 Rudolph before being sold, who is the dam of Bassingthorpe Tal Desdemona VG86-2yrs, 6th gen VG or EX.


Desdemonas worth a click:-

Bassingthorpe Aaron Desdemona 96 EX93-3E LP70 SP
EX Aaron x EX91-4E Raider x VG87 Defiance
EX90 daughter by Allen and Jan 2010 daughter by Alexander
EX sister by Gelpro, VG sister by Igniter

Bassingthorpe Tal Desdemona 143 VG88
VG86-2yrs Talent x VG88 Rudolph x VG87 Leduc x EX92-2E Charles, 6 gens VG or EX
Daughter by Shottle, pregnancies by Shottle

Bassingthorpe In Desdemona 111 EX92-2E
EX Inquirer x EX92-2E Charles x EX94-6E Raider
5th gen VG or EX
2 lacts over 13,000 kg

January 2010 daughters by Alexander
Embryos by Talent
VG87 daughter by Sept Storm (below), April 07 Buckeye & Oct 08 Shottle daughters

Bassingthorpe Mail Desdemona 149 EX91
EX Gelpro x EX91-4E Raider x VG87 Defiance
VG sister by Mr Sam

Bassingthorpe Mail Desdemona

Bassingthorpe Mtoto Desdemona 94 EX92-5E LP140 4*
EX94-6E Raider x VG Hayleys Exclusive x VG Burgate Buster
VG86 Talent daughter

Feb 2010 daughters by Alexander
Dam of Bassingthorpe Drayman in the Genus ABS stud

Bassinthorpe Lee Desdemona 112 EX91-2E
VG87 Astre x VG87 Manitu x VG Burgate Buster
VG85-2yrs daughter by Shottle

Desdemonas in Detail:-
  • So far 12 Ex and over 40 VG's
  • Highest scored is Bassingthorpe Raider Desdemona EX94-6E
  • 23 Desdemonas in the herd today, the 18 classified averaging 88pts (including 3 2 yr olds)
  • Red line of the family with EX90 Sept Storm from Slo Desdemona 74 EX94-5E, 3rd generation EX
  • Buckeye embryos sold from Bassingthorpe In Desdemona 111 EX92 to Semex Alliance
  • Bassingthorpe Drayman a Goldwyn x EX91 Mtoto x Raider Desdemona EX94-6E at Genus ABS
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Cow families are everything at Bassingthorpe. Traditional families that have served us well make the mainstay of the herd, while the very best families North America has to offer have been introduced.

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